Central Tham x Thailand Rice Fest

Central Tham provides direct delivery of rice from the cultivation site to your doorstep.

Discover the top 11 traditional rice types from 9 different communities covering over 7 provinces across the country

Central Tham invites you to contribute towards the sustainable growth of Thai farmers and communities.

The objective of "Central Tham" is to cultivate and enhance various kinds of rice, with the aim of gaining recognition and generating employment opportunities for villagers. Additionally, the project seeks to safeguard the environment while ensuring that the quality of rice meets customer demands. Central Tham is participating in the "Thailand Rice Fest 2023" event by showcasing a diverse range of rice types at the Central Tham Pavilion. The objective is to enhance farmers' sustainable income through the concept of "Good Rice, Good Life."

Within the event, the Central Tham Pavilion is divided into 5 zones as follows:

Zone 1 offers a selection of high-quality rice:

You can choose from 11 different types sourced from 9 communities across 7 provinces. These include Rai Dok Kha rice, Bao Yod Muang rice, Niang Kuang rice, red jasmine rice, Phaka Ampuen rice, Surin jasmine rice, San Pa Tong sticky rice, Khieo Ngu sticky rice, traditional brown rice (Bue Polo, Bue Phako, Bue Phathu), black sticky rice with luempua, Sangyod rice, and various dry food options to accompany your meal. These rice varieties are renowned for their excellent taste and are sourced directly from local communities.

Zone 2 Best Recipe:

Participate in an engaging workshop where you will learn to create onigiri with Thai rice and craft fragrant candles using soy wax infused with the aroma of jasmine rice.

Zone 3 Fine Cuisine:

Experience Thai rice omakase for the first time. Commence your dining experience by enjoying the culinary expertise of Chef Thep and Chef Black, renowned local chefs who have created menus offering delicious meals crafted from Thai rice. Additionally, savor a unique meal prepared exclusively by the Spaghetti Factory.

Zone 4 Good Stories:

Engage in rice-related discussion activities with experts specializing in the field, starting from rice on the plant to rice on the plate.

Zone 5 Shop for Good Goods:

The Good Goods store is brought to the event, featuring both a cafe zone and a community product zone that sells a variety of products created from Thai rice and many other famous products from the community, along with the launch of rice perfume using jasmine rice as the main ingredient. It's a scent that reminds one of morning dew in a rice field.

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